St. Paul Evangeical
Lutheran Church
105 S. Sixth St.
Phone:  815 635-3146

Pastor: Mauricio Vieira
Music:                       Ellen Hoffman
​Office Manager:      Donna DeMuth
Secretarial Staff:      Kay Shoemaker
                                    Joyce Brewer
Custodial:                  Lucille Haberkorn

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Services are held Sunday morning at 8:45
Please feel welcome to join us in worship.
            Feb. 18 - 8:45                                              Feb. 14 - 5:30 
       Worship/Communion                                     Ash Wednesday

             Feb. 25 - 8:45                                             March 4 - 8:45
       Worship/Communion                                   Worship/Communion

Church Council:  Thursday, Feb. 15th.  7:00.  All are welcome to attend.
Word for Supper:  Feb. 21 - Chatsworth
  • As the number of people desiring to meet and worship together grew, buildings were found to accommodate them. The Chatsworth church bought a wooden frame building from the local sugar beet factory in 1878 and was formally organized in 1879. This building was destroyed by a tornado in 1912. That same year the congregation adopted plans for a new house of worship, collected funds and let out a contract on December 18. The church was built in 1913 at the cost of $8,729, and dedicated in the fall of that year with a debt of only $253. this building was remodeled in 1956 and still serves as the sanctuary section of the present church.

Information from site maintained by 
Mary Runyon-Hanshew

Chatsworth Illinois Memories
  • The story of St. Paul's Lutheran church is really the story of three congregations, all named St. Paul's Lutheran, all joined by a common German heritage and language. One church located in Chatsworth, one in Germanville (five miles south) and one in Charlotte (four miles north) formed the nucleus that is the Chatsworth Evangelical Lutheran Church today. The first services of these churches were held in homes. Early records show that two children were baptized in the Lutheran faith at Chatsworth in 1871. In 1872, thirty children were baptized, nine young people confirmed and six funerals conducted. The first recorded baptisms for both the Germanville and Charlotte congregations were in May of 1887.