St. Paul Evangeical
Lutheran Church
105 S. Sixth St.
Phone:  815 635-3146

Pastor: Mauricio Vieira
Music:                       Ellen Hoffman
​Office Manager:      Donna DeMuth
Secretarial Staff:      Kay Shoemaker
                                    Joyce Brewer
Custodial:                  Lucille Haberkorn

A Blessed and Happy2018

Services are held Sunday morning at 8:45
Please feel welcome to join us in worship.
            Feb. 18 - 8:45                                              Feb. 14 - 5:30 
       Worship/Communion                                     Ash Wednesday

             Feb. 25 - 8:45                                             March 4 - 8:45
       Worship/Communion                                   Worship/Communion

Church Council:  Thursday, Feb. 15th.  7:00.  All are welcome to attend.
Word for Supper:  Feb. 21 - Chatsworth
Meeting was called to order by President Steve Wahls  -  (Attending 24)
Devotions were led by Pastor Mauricio
Election of Officers/Staff:  New council members will be Davida Dehm Pietrzak nominated by Blaise DeMuth, second by Jim Flessner.  Council officers will continue in their current offices.  Moved by Vicki Moore to accept Davida as a Council member,  Jim Flessner seconded.  Motion carried Jim Flessner moved, seconded by Lucille Haberkorn to continue with current Council officers.  Motion carried
Secretary’s report:  Minutes of the 2015 annual meeting were presented in the annual report.  They were approved  - Motion by Joyce Brewer, Second by Bob Frase  Motion carried 
Treasurer’s report:  Year ending balance showed the account balance at $2138.35 (2015)  Moved by Blaise DeMuth seconded by Donna DeMuth to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.  Noted that staff did not claim all their working hours.
Pastor’s report:  Pastor presented the importance and need for members to encourage others to visit and participate in the services and activities of the Church.  Missional, invitational and hospitable need to be goals of the members and church.  The good news is the involvement of the currently active, and the need for sharing the joy of Christ and his presence.  St Paul can be whatever we choose it to be working in collaboration with each other and the Holy Spirit. 
Council President:  Steve thanked Council members for providing breakfast.  Thank you to secretarial and custodial staff and Vicki for all her support and input. Discussed the process for pastoral replacement.  Steve expressed the congregation and Council’s appreciation for Pastor’s services and the activity of his family.
Action Team Reports:
Included in the annual report.
Music & Worship: Included in the annual report
Family Life:  Included in the annual report
WELCA report:  Included in the annual report 
GROUNDS:  Included in the annual report
PRAIRIEVIEW report:  No additions or corrections.