St. Paul Evangeical
Lutheran Church
105 S. Sixth St.
Phone:  815 635-3146

Pastor: Mauricio Vieira
Music:                       Ellen Hoffman
​Office Manager:      Donna DeMuth
Secretarial Staff:      Kay Shoemaker
                                    Joyce Brewer
Custodial:                  Lucille Haberkorn

A Blessed and Happy2018

Services are held Sunday morning at 8:45
Please feel welcome to join us in worship.
            Feb. 18 - 8:45                                              Feb. 14 - 5:30 
       Worship/Communion                                     Ash Wednesday

             Feb. 25 - 8:45                                             March 4 - 8:45
       Worship/Communion                                   Worship/Communion

Church Council:  Thursday, Feb. 15th.  7:00.  All are welcome to attend.
Word for Supper:  Feb. 21 - Chatsworth
THE FOOD PANTRY DISTRIBUTION is held on the first Thursday of every month from 3:30 – 5:30 pm. You can call The United Methodist Church at 815-635-3613 or Cindy Hall at 815-635-3248. We always accept donations and we need brown paper bags and plastic bags. 

As part of our commemorations on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation pastor Mauricio will send daily devotions based on Rev. Martin Luther’s 95 theses that marked the beginning of the movement. The devotions will be in your email inbox every morning if you are part of email list. If not, please contact pastor. Devotions will be simultaneously posted on St. Paul’s Facebook page.

ATTENTION THRIVENT MEMBERS:  You may be entitled to Choice Dollars which can be directed by you to your choice, one of which is St. Paul Lutheran Church in Chatsworth.  You can direct your choice, or if you have questions call Thrivent at (800) 847-4836, or check on the web ( - under Member benefits.  You must register first for a username and password.