St. Paul Evangeical
Lutheran Church
105 S. Sixth St.
Phone:  815 635-3146

Pastor: Mauricio Vieira
Music:                       Ellen Hoffman
​Office Manager:      Donna DeMuth
Secretarial Staff:      Kay Shoemaker
                                    Joyce Brewer
Custodial:                  Lucille Haberkorn

A Blessed and Happy2018

Services are held Sunday morning at 8:45
Please feel welcome to join us in worship.
            Jan. 21 - 8:45                                              Jan. 21 - 8:45
       Worship/Communion                             Worship/Communion

                                                               Annual Mtg. will Follow Service
              Jan. 28 - 8:45                                             Feb. 4 - 8:45
       Worship/Communion                                   Worship/Communion

Every Sunday regular service will be at 8:45am,  Other events in our calendar will appear below,   Click on a calendar item for more information.